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Les Enfants (One-Year-Old & Two-Year-Old)
Each day our Les Enfants students engage in free play and exploration of materials as well as work on projects of interest. Our program includes receptive and expressive language development, classroom math/science and fine-motor activities, imaginative play and outdoor recreation, enrichment classes in religion, art, music, and physical education

Other activities include use of manipulative materials and games to enhance readiness skills and coordination, group experiences to promote sociability and concern for peers and the environment, and informal introduction to pre-reading and math skills. 


One-Year-Old Program: 

A one-year-old is ready for daily activities that are designed to give them support and practice during what can be considered their largest developmental growth period. They are engaging in more difficult gross motor activities, mastering their fine motor, expanding their language and experimenting with social relationships. Our program is designed to offer them all these opportunities through play. 

By building a positive and trusting relationship with each child, we provide a gentle and nurturing introduction to school while facilitating their emerging independence. As the children become comfortable in the environment and with their peers, we incorporate increasingly complex learning experiences and opportunities to develop oral and receptive language skills. The children also participate in a range of sensory experiences through play and small group work. 


Two-Year-Old Program:

At two years old, children are developmentally ready to engage in activities that leave them questioning ideas and wondering about new ones. They are expanding their self-help fine motor skills, leading to future independence, and utilizing their gross motor skills to safely take risks and interact socially during play time. At two they are seeing the world through new eyes and they are ready to experiment and explore. By providing hands-on and open-ended activities, we foster the students' creativity and imagination and emphasize the discovery process of learning.

Our two-year-old program allows student to explore, imagine, problem solve and create. Over time, they play in increasingly complex ways, developing their cooperative communication and problem-solving abilities. Our small group approach is designed to encourage independence skills and collaboration while supporting the social-emotional needs of toddlers. During small group work children participate in active, engaging learning activities. Our focus is to teach children how to think not what to think.